"Pandemic Pets" Are Being Abandoned at An Alarming Rate As Employees Return to Office

With vaccines in full effect, many employees are returning back to normal office arrangements.

This influx of people moving away from long hours at home is creating quite an issue for animal shelters as pet owners that acquired their pets during the pandemic can now no longer care for their animals. Shelters like Animal Care Centers of NYC saw twice the number of animals brought to them last month at 1,393 — more than doubling February’s numbers.

Sad instances like bags of kittens being left on the doorsteps of homes in Dallas are now making headlines as animal centers nationwide are reaching max capacity. “We received prior to the pandemic five to 10 inquiries per month for people who couldn’t care for their dogs anymore. That’s like doubled since in recent months,” said Chloe Esperiquette, development coordinator at Wags and Walks adoption center in Los Angeles.

On the other side of the coin, pet sitting businesses are expanding at a rapid rate as they work towards accomodating this spike in demand brought on by the surge of new clients.

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