PANGAIA Partners With Es Devlin for a Limited-Edition Capsule

PANGAIA has teamed up with artist and stage designer Es Devlin for a limited-edition capsule collection.

Featuring a hoodie, track pants, t-shirt and shorts, the collaborative capsule is crafted in Devlin’s signature orange color, which has enhanced the set designs of Kanye West, The Weeknd and more. The energizing color serves as a reminder for Devlin to always take action.

Inspired by Devlin’s “Forest of Us” work at Superblue Miami, the pieces contain a quote from the mirrored labyrinth exhibition: “A forest of us, a symbiotic symmetry, a branching geometry that flows within us and around us but do you see it, can you feel it, do you breath it can you find it – go and find it.”

Additionally, the new capsule furthers PANGAIA’s mission of working with communities and artists to expand environmental equity initiatives. 100 percent of the proceeds will benefit Instituto Terra, a non-profit organization focused on environmental restoration and rural development in Vale do Rio Doce, Brazil.

Ranging in price from $55 USD to $150 USD, the collection is available now on PANGAIA’s website and at Superblue Miami.

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