Peaky Blinders Has Always Featured Great Music, but Season 5's Soundtrack Is Next Level

Peaky Blinders Has Always Featured Great Music, but Season 5’s Soundtrack Is Next Level

There’s something about the carefully chosen songs on the Peaky Blinders soundtrack that makes you want to listen on repeat, and season five’s soundtrack is no different. The playlist includes legendary artists such as Radiohead, Black Sabbath, Bob Dylan, and Joy Division — as well as more contemporary bands like Idles, Hotel Lux, and The Darts — but it’s British musician Anna Calvi who sits front and center.

You’ll most likely recognize Calvi’s “Strange Weather” featuring David Byrne, from the show’s season five trailer, but that’s just the beginning of her involvement. Boasting a dark, moody, and dramatic music style, Calvi was selected by the creator of the hit series, Steven Knight, and director, Anthony Byrne, to compose this season’s original score. “The way she plays the guitar is very unique, and her voice and the way she uses her breath has allowed us to access the interior world of Tommy’s headspace,” Byrne told NME.

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