Pitch Perfect is getting a TV spin-off series – and the cast list looks pretty exciting

Jameela Jamil is just one of the names set to star in the new spin-off series, which will centre around the story of Adam Devine’s character Bumper.

It may have been over four years since the Barden Bellas last graced our screens, but the world of competitive acapella is finally set to return to our homes – although this time, as part of a spin-off TV series.

While still set in the world of the Barden Bellas, the Pitch Perfect TV series won’t focus on the lives of Beca, Chloe and the rest of the gang.

Instead, Adam Devine will be returning to the series as Bumper, the former head of The Treblemakers who returns to Barden University in the second film after a brief stint as John Mayer’s backup singer. 

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Details about the spin-off are still pretty scarce, but we have some idea of what to expect from the series – including the exciting names who are set to join the cast. 

Keep reading to check out everything we know about the Pitch Perfect spin-off series so far.

What is Pitch Perfect about?

The series – which has been ordered by the streaming service Peacock and will be set several years after the events of Pitch Perfect 3 – will follow Bumper as he moves to Germany to revive his music career after one of his songs becomes a hit in Berlin.

The series is yet to get an official name (Pitch Perfect is just its working title), but filming is set to begin soon in Berlin.

Who stars in Pitch Perfect

Sarah Hyland will star alongside Jameela Jamil and Adam Devine.

The only other cast member currently set to return for the TV series is Flula Borg, who starred in Pitch Perfect 2 as Piëter Krämer, one of the leaders of the German acapella group Das Sound Machine.

A number of new and exciting faces have also joined the show, including Modern Family’s Sarah Hyland and The Good Place’s Jameela Jamil.

According to The Wrap, Hyland will play Heidi, “Piëter and Bumper’s cheery and slightly odd American assistant” who “secretly harbours dreams of being a singer-songwriter herself and moonlights by performing original songs in a Berlin cabaret.”

Jamil, on the other hand, will play Gisela, Piëter’s ex-girlfriend. Gisela is “a bombastic and flashy up-and-coming German pop star” who “will stop at nothing to beat [Bumper] to stardom” when she comes up against him at the German Unity Day concert.  

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Lera Abova (Anna) is also joining the cast as Piëter’s sister, a “prominent Berlin DJ and music producer who performs all over the city as DJ Das Boot.”

Elizabeth Banks – who starred in the three original Pitch Perfect films as a competition commentator – will serve as executive producer.

When and where will Pitch Perfect be released?

While the show is still a while off from being released, UK viewers can watch Peacock shows through NOW and Sky, so it’ll most likely be available to watch there when the time comes. 

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