Police Alerted When Apple iPhone 14 Users Ride Rollercoasters

According to reports, police have been alerted when some Apple iPhone 14 users ride rollercoasters. It appears that the “Crash Detection” feature introduced with the iPhone 14 and the latest iteration of the Apple Watches feature is too sensitive to discern the context of situations.

The Crash Detection feature was designed to recognize when users are involved in a serious car crash, alerting emergency authorities and any important contacts. The personal safety function utilizes the phone’s motion sensors, accelerometer, and GPS in real-time to determine when users have come to an abrupt halt or accelerated sharply.

The reports highlight that since the Apple iPhone 14, the 911 dispatch center near Kings Island amusement park in Cincinnati, Ohio has received more than six phone calls from devices saying, “the owner of this iPhone was in a severe car crash…” A woman carrying an iPhone 14 Pro noted that checking her phone after riding on a roller coaster she discovered several missed calls and voice messages from an emergency dispatcher thanks to the Crash Detection function.

Check out a Crash Detection call recorded by a 911 dispatch center below.

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