Pro-Ject Debuts Sleek and Stark Pro S Turntable

After tapping Seth Rogan-founded Houseplant for a retro-styled turntable, the high-end audio purveyors at Pro-Ject are back with their latest in-house creation: a stark and sleek turntable that’s dubbed the Pro S. Minimalist in its design but maximalist in the quality of its build and sound, the Pro-S is a turntable created specifically for deep-pocketed audiophiles.

Pro-Ject notes that “no unnecessary switches, LEDs or labeling distract from what is essential,” as spotlighting the hands-on experience of selecting and playing a record is at the center of the Pro S’s design. The entirety of the turntable is done up in matte black — save for the polished spindle that’s a part of the S-shaped aluminum tonearm. Technical innovations include an anti-magnetic platter with a TPE ring that reduces the wow and flutter of records while also dampening resonance plus an electronically-regulated motor that ensures all records will keep an accurate pace. A toggle switch allows listeners to play either 33 1/3 or 45 rpm records, and for the die-hard record collectors, there’s even an extra round belt that enables the playing of 78 rpm shellac records, the precursors to modern vinyl records that were phased out of production by 1959.

The Pro-Ject Pro S turntable is available now via the Pro-Ject webstore, and retails for $800 USD.

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