PS Plus membership bounces back with over 14,000,000 subs in first 12 months

For as much as people complain about it, the new PS Plus service seems to be doing well as far as Sony’s concerned.

At face value, you’d assume that Sony’s revamped PlayStation Plus service has been an unmitigated disaster, given the laughable state of PS Premium and a dip in subscribers.

PlayStation owners have been very vocal with their displeasure, particularly with the Premium tier’s frankly awful selection of retro games and, most recently, the removal of the PS Plus Collection, which consisted of many noteworthy PlayStation 4 games.

As always, though, the loudest fans don’t represent the majority of PlayStation owners, as Sony’s recent figures for the service show that it’s doing just fine and enjoying a ‘great reception.’

While it did suffer a decline in two million subscribers last year, PS Plus was able to recover and, as of March 2023, boasts 47.4 million subscribers.

That’s only one million more than what it had before the drop, but if Sony is displeased with the lack of growth, then it’s not showing.

If anything, it’s quite chuffed with how many of those subscribers are paying for the more expensive Extra and Premium tiers. As it stands, 30% of the base are subscribed to Extra or Premium, which comes to 6.1 million (13%) for the former and 8 million (17%) for the latter: 14.1 million altogether.

While this still means that the vast majority have stuck with the cheapest tier, it does show that of those willing to pay for the higher tiers, most figured it was worth subscribing for Premium rather than Extra.

Currently, Extra only offers all the benefits from the Essential tier (online multiplayer, cloud storage, free monthly games, etc.,) as well as access to a catalogue of PlayStation 4 and 5 games.

Premium offers all of that plus the retro games and cloud streaming. Perhaps there are more fans of Syphon Filter than we realised.

The accompanying chart also shows that the number of Extra and Premium subscribers has only risen, with just the barest of drops throughout, so Sony must be doing something right.

The company is eager to keep the momentum going, but so far only mentions offering better customer value to grow the base. Exactly what it plans to do to achieve this is another question.

One obvious answer is more retro games for the classics catalogue. As it stands, there are only 22 PlayStation 1 games and the line-up is still missing a lot of the console’s most iconic titles, like Crash Bandicoot, Spyro The Dragon, and Tomb Raider.

Not to mention Dino Crisis remains absent despite Sony advertising it for PS Plus last year.

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