Pull&Bear Unveils Retro Arcade Game To Celebrate 30th Anniversary

With celebrations for Pull&Bear’s 30th anniversary well underway, the brand has launched its very own 16-bit arcade-inspired video game to commemorate the milestone as part of its “30 Years Young” campaign.

Known to stay on top of global youth trends and tap into all realms of culture, Pull&Bear champions its heritage with this digital rollout. Following the game’s bear protagonist, the feature allows players to unlock facts about the brand’s iconic journey as they explore its pixilated world, meeting various characters in different locations.

As well as interactive gameplay, Pull&Bear will also be hosting a Twitch Birthday Party for online attendees. Updates on its packaging boasting limited-edition graphics and an accompanying video campaign continue to celebrate the values of youth.

To find out more about Pull&Bear’s “30 Years Young” digital campaign, head over to the brand’s website.
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