Rare and Pristine Series 1 Range Rover Tuned by Franz Albert Comes up for Sale

There’s been a growing love for the Series 1 Range Rover as of late — whether it be a divisive custom or an electromod from Lunaz, the two-door shape is becoming increasingly loved among classic car fanatics. Now, those whose appetite is whetted by the boxy SUV are in luck, as a rare 1972 Range Rover customized by Franz Albert has appeared on the market.

Presented in “Sahara Dust,” which is a highly-desirable shade for the Series 1, this particular car is anything but ordinary. While it’s immaculately clean, it holds a turbocharged secret underneath the hood, which comes courtesy of Franz Albert, the tuning company of Albert Franz who, as Classic Driver notes, “was responsible for tuning many of Willy König’s wild Ferraris and Mercedes.”

It’s safe to say, then, that the classic Range Rover was converted at the hands of a master tuner. The result sees the SUV pack a 3.5-litre V8 petrol turbo engine that produces 210 BHP at 5,000 RPM and 385 Nm of torque at 2,500 RPM, with this power being sent to all four wheels via a four-speed manual transmission. Furthermore, to cope with the added power this car features overdrive, and to denote its newfound brutishness, the Range Rover was fitted with “turbocharged” badges and a bonnet bulge.

Today, the classic SUV can be found at Solihull’s for €169,900 EUR (approx. $185,000 USD). Take a look at the car above, and find out more online.

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