READYMADE Immortalizes Yohji Yamamoto's Beloved Dog as Patchwork Plush

READYMADE‘s knack for handmade craft has translated into various toys and home goods over the past few years, but the brand’s latest concoction is one of its most personal endeavors to date. In partnership with Yohji Yamamoto‘s accessories-minded discord sub-label, READYMADE has pieced together a patchwork plush of the legendary Japanese designer’s beloved dog, Ren.

Ren was recently imagined by another artist for Yamamoto’s latest New Era capsule but this creation is far more tangible. It’s also arguably more in touch with both company’s ideals than the previous READYMADE x Yohji Yamamoto effort, which only dished out patched apparel.

Here, deadstock scraps of tweed wool fabric were hand-stitched together with thick white thread to create a tiny three-dimensional figure of Yamamoto’s Ren, which stands only over five inches tall. Only five pieces of the bead-eyed doll were made — with price only available upon request, one can imagine that this is more of a collector’s item than a plush toy.

Only one of the discord boutiques listed on Yohji Yamamoto’s website will take orders for the precious hound: the discord Yohji Yamamoto GINZA SIX outpost, which currently has all five editions available to view.

Another one of Yohji’s dog-affiliated ventures recently made headlines when CHITO issued his Yohji x Supreme tee as a one-off NFT/Tee.
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