Redfall is being review bombed because of bugs and performance issues

As if a critical drubbing wasn’t bad enough Xbox console exclusive Redfall is also being criticised by fans – especially in terms of the PC version.

There are now two things which are almost guaranteed for the launch of every major new video game: that physical copies will have leaked out at least a week early and that if there’s a PC version it will be a buggy mess that barely works at launch.

Redfall at least didn’t suffer from the first problem, since Xbox gamers buy far fewer physical copies than PlayStation owners, but it definitely suffers from some sadly familiar performance issues and bugs.

The situation seems to be very similar to Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, which had some problems on consoles but is much worse on PC, to the point where it’s almost unplayable.

Perhaps because it only just came out, Metacritic is not currently displaying user reviews for the game, which is likely also a sign of its new policy to try and prevent trolls abusing the feature – even if in this case some amount of anger may be justified.

Steam has no such restrictions though and the game is currently rated as ‘Mostly Negative’ in terms of its reviews.

‘Ignoring the performance issues, this game is bad. The AI is pathetic, even on the highest difficulty. The controls are clunky. The graphics are average. The world is empty. I don’t understand why these companies think they can start charging $70 for unfinished garbage. I couldn’t even stomach an hour of this game,’ says reviewer Sean.

‘Another strong contender for worst PC port of the year. How did Arkane regress from Dishonored to this?’, asks the appropriately named aByZMal.

Karan76k cuts to the heart of the issue, with what they describe as a ‘next gen gaming starter pack’:

  • Same or even worse graphics fidelity than old gen games!
  • Abysmal optimisation that requires RTX 4090 minimum and still can’t hit 60fps!
  • A $70-$90 price tag for a mid and unfinished games!
  • Apology statement after releasing games in a broken state!
  • After months of patching, nothing improves!

The latter two things haven’t happened yet but it’s probably only a matter of time, in what has become a sadly predictable state of affairs.

What makes it all worse is that it’s not just one publisher, or even just a small group, but virtually all of them, with everyone from Sony to EA having put out a broken PC game at launch this year and only gradually fixing it over time.

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