Review: Bryan Adams turns back the clock at Winnipeg’s Bell MTS Place

The Bryan Adams who rocked Bell MTS Place for roughly 2.5 hours on Monday night didn’t look or sound like the Canadian superstar who could sell out football stadiums in the late 80’s and early 90’s.

However, he sounded unbelievably smooth to go along with a wonderful display of vocal range for 59-years old.

He worked through a star studded 30-song set list featuring all of his classics, right up until his 2015 album Get Up and the tour’s title album Shine A Light, which was released in March of this year.

The lights went out and Adams, accompanied by his four-person band took the stage blaring the song ‘Ultimate Love’ as dozens of overhead light panels suddenly flashed light blue.

The opening song was followed up by Adams’ 1991 smash hit Can’t Stop This Thing We Started. That was followed up by the smooth acoustic picking pattern of Run To You which received the first roaring cheer of the evening.

Following the night’s third song, Adams paused as he yelled “Hello, beautiful people of Winnipeg” to thundering applause.

“My name is Bryan, I’m your singer for tonight. I don’t know if you have time, but we have 14 albums to play through tonight,” he continued.

He grabbed an acoustic guitar and strummed the tour’s title track Shine a Light, followed by Go Down Rockin’, It’s Only Love, Cloud #9, and You Belong To Me.

The crowd at Bell MTS Place holds their hold up as Adams plays ‘Shine A Light’.

After a short break, Adams came back with the blaring opening riff of Summer of ’69 as almost all of the lower bowl stood up and began to dance.

The band left the stage as Adams slowed things down for Here I Am, When You’re Gone, (Everything I Do) I Do It for You, Back to You, Somebody, Heat of the Night and I’ll Always Be Right There.

Throughout the string of slow songs, the dozens of thin paneled light danced around on stings attached from the rafters as additional spotlight speckled the stage.

Adams and his band playing under small panels of lights attached to stings that were moving up and down throughout the show.

Adams once again brought the crowd to their fight as the 9,000 fans in attendance scream for a pair classics in The Only Thing That Looks Good On Me Is You, and, finally, Summer of ’69.

He continued to ride the momentum with 18 ‘Til I Die, Coming Home, Victim of Love, Please Forgive Me, and ended his regular set with Brand New Day.

Adams stood alone on stage without his band as he took a collection of fan requests from people in the first few rows of the floor.

After another short pause, he ran back onto the stage with Could Get Used to This, then right into I fought The Law as a collage people in attendance dancing played on the big screen behind the stage.

Adams told the thousands of people at the show to give it up one more time, “You guys were fantastic tonight, Each time I come to Winnipeg I think about all the shows I’ve done here. Playing at small bars with three people in them, with some guys in the back screaming ‘Play some f***ing Stones!”

He thanked the crowd one last time as he covered Rod Stewart and Sting for All For Love.

Adams stepped right to the front of the stage and waved to a howling Bell MTS Place, as the lights faded back on and Adams left the stage.

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