Rockhopper Vintage and half.hide Mix American Vintage and Japanese Streetwear at Copenhagen Pop-Up

Copenhagen-based vintage retailers Rockhopper Vintage and half.hide have announced a new pop-up in the city, mixing their expertise in classic Americana and Japanese streetwear. As well as stocking a selection that covers American denim and military wear to legendary Japanese labels, the pop-up will also show the connection between the various vintage pieces.

Rockhopper Vintage is heavily influenced by the “Golden eras of Amercain style,” and boasts a vintage collecton covering military wear from the Second World War right up to the 1970s, as well as 1950s denim pieces, classic leather jackets and Western wear. half.hide takes a different approach, focusing on late ’90s and early ’00s pieces from legendary designers and labels including A Bathing Ape, Junya Watanabe and WTAPS.

The vintage pop-up will be hosted at Res-Res in Copenhagen, and will run from May 4 until May 8. Additionally, a special-edition zine celebrating vintage culture will also be available exclusively from the pop-up.

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