Royal Fans Can't Help But Notice Kate Middleton's Chemistry With This A-List Athlete

Kate Middleton has always enjoyed being a royal patron of the All England Lawn Tennis & Croquet Club, a position that was passed down to her by Queen Elizabeth II in 2016. However, fans are noticing that she seems to be enjoying it a little bit more than usual, and it might have to do with the friendly chemistry between the Princess of Wales and tennis superstar Roger Federer. 

Let’s get everything squared away before we even discuss the fantasy shipping of Kate and Fed: they are both happily married. Kate and Prince William are solid and Federer’s wife, Mirka has been proudly sitting by his side at the Wimbledon events. However, Kate and Federer’s easygoing friendship is palpable in every video and snapshot from this year’s tournament — and people are tweeting about it. 

One Twitter account noted, “To me, she’s practically glowing, definitely and flirty here. You see it?” Another joked, “Get you somebody who looks at you like Kate Middleton looks at Roger Federer?” It’s easy to make memes out of their cute moments, but it’s important to avoid being disrespectful to Kate and the retired athlete’s spouses — and that’s where a few fans jumped to their defense. One social media account reminded everyone, “William & Roger Federer have been friends for over a DECADE, he was also a guest at his wedding to Kate, the Federers even spent time at KP with their kids during holidays.” There is clearly an established family relationship here.

It’s nice to see the Princess of Wales relishing in her time at Wimbledon and as a former athlete herself, it’s clear that the tournament brings out a more playful side to her. It’s a part of her personality that more people can relate to, and we can all agree that Federer is indeed a handsome man. But there will be no Ked or Fate nicknames here because this friendship is strictly platonic.

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