Shopper demands that parent parking spots go to customers who ‘spend most money’

A letter submitted to a newspaper has riled readers by suggesting an alternative use for parent and child parking spaces at shopping centres.

Writing under the name Diana Davenport, the controversial author believes the wealthiest customers should be assigned the spaces closest to the shops as they 'spend the most money' and 'have more shopping to carry'.

It reads: "While visiting my local supermarket I was disgusted to find the best parking spaces nearest the door are now reserved for so-called ‘parent and child parking'.

“If you are fit enough to produce offspring, you should jolly well be able to walk across a car park into the supermarket.

“The best spaces should be reserved for people with the most expensive cars.

"It is us who are likely to spend the most money in the supermarket, and to have the most shopping to carry back to our cars," as reported by Yahoo .

The letter was published in Melbourne's Herald Sun and Diana, who claims to be from a affluent inner city suburb, sparked both fury and humour when her views were shared on social media.

It turns out it's not Diana's first rodeo, with the alias having a history of writing controversial letters into Melbourne's newspapers, according to .

With many understanding it now to be a tongue-in-cheek piece of writing, it wasn't picked up by all the Herald's readers.

One commented: "I think it’s more about protecting kids than an entitlement, it's common sense. I would hate to walk three young kids through a huge car park unnecessarily."

Another of Diana's previous letters, which was withheld from print, complained about a charity motorbike ride.

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