Soulful by Design: Electric Motorcycle Subsidiary LiveWire Infuses Its S2 Del Mar With a Spirit of Urban Exploration

News of LiveWire’s listing on the NYSE has rallied a new frontier of motorcycle enthusiasts to look towards the electric future of transport. The official production launch of the S2 Del Mar unleashes the manufacturer’s proprietary ARROW architecture, developed at LiveWire Labs in Mountain View, California.

The S2 Del Mar dropped on LiveWire’s website on September 27, following the company’s listing on the NYSE. Next in line after the company’s flagship LiveWire ONE model, the S2 Del Mar is slated to inform upcoming chassis designs using LiveWire’s ARROW architecture. Jochen Zeitz, Chairman and CEO of LiveWire Group Inc. describes the S2 Del Mar as such: “The modular ARROW architecture underpinning the Del Mar, developed in-house at LiveWire Labs, demonstrates our ambition to lead in the EV space and establish LiveWire as the most desirable electric motorcycle brand in the world. We’re excited about the future at LiveWire and look forward to the company creating the path to the electrification of motorcycling.”

The S2 Del Mar is built for the fearless, modern adventurer. The work landscape has rapidly changed; travel prospects are more palatable for consumers leveraging remote set-ups, and the individualistic agency posed by the motorcycle is far more approachable in today’s climate. With this in mind, the S2 Del Mar proposes freedom of spirit. If you’ve ever taken an impromptu road trip or last-minute drive across California’s Old West, the appeal lies in accelerating on the spot and weaving yourself through nature’s elements as you reach your destination. The S2 Del Mar fuses this ethos into its design through a fully-realized modular system central to the motorcycle chassis — and the experience is near silent, allowing you to take in the scenery with every journey.

The production line will feature 80 horsepower (59.6 kW), 184 ft-lb of torque and a 75-minute (20%-80%) recharge time at its fastest capacity with supporting L1 and L2 chargers. Weighing 431 pounds, The S2 Del Mar projects speeds of 0-to-60 mph in 3.1 seconds, with an average of 110 miles during city and urban riding. The experience feels innate to LiveWire; over-the-air updates and a 4” TFT LCD elevate the riding experience while maintaining the company’s in-house design language. A central component of the ARROW architecture is the 10.5 kWh pack powering the bike — one of the very first proprietary mechanisms developed by LiveWire.

The Del Mar is clad in three color schemes: Nimbus Gray, Nightfall Blue and Asphalt Black. Priority delivery of the production S2 Del Mar will be given to consumers with confirmed reservations via LiveWire’s website. The bike will retail at an MSRP of $16,999 USD, with its expected delivery slated in the spring of 2023. Reserve yours today by heading to LiveWire’s website, and stay tuned for more news spotlighting LiveWire.
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