Soulja Boy Calls Out Kanye West for Discarding His Verse on 'DONDA'

Following the release of DONDA and Kanye West claiming it was released without his permission, Soulja Boy took to Twitter to call out the 44-year-old rapper for leaving his verse out of the album.

According to the screenshots, Draco tweeted that West reached out to him, showing him love and suggesting to work with him on his new Gap campaign and album. Soulja agreed they should work on fashion and music together and the “Crank That” rapper was seen sending a few audio files possibly for the track “Remote Control.”

“This n***a Kanye smh,” Soulja tweeted along with the screenshots. “Tell homie dont hit my phone no more.”

The song “Remote Control” still made it onto DONDA, but Soulja’s supposed verse was swapped out for a verse from Young Thug. A fan responded to a fan’s tweet which asked him what he thinks about the album and Soulja indicated he doesn’t know what to feel considering being left out of it.

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