Soulland Looks at the Bigger Picture for FW23

Copenhagen Fashion Week is all wrapped up. Danish imprint Soulland chose to step back and reevaluate its identity and the elements that influence its daily attitude. For Fall/Winter 2023, founder and Creative Director Silas Oda Adler wanted to look at the bigger picture while reflecting on her journey in a peaceful state.

Soulland opted to skip the typical Fashion Week schedule and bring its priorities to brand consumers. While doing so, Adler continued to work on various projects she had underway and dove deeper into the creative process with increased time on all fronts.

Emphasizing mind, body, and spirit, Soulland’s FW23 collection is the second installment of its “Brain House Inhabitants” trilogy and highlights otherworldly creatures that channel distinct daily energies. Titled “Moon Wizard,” the range is supplied through a genderless approach and utilizes bonded fabrics combined with recycled elements and deadstock tissue.

This idea is communicated through split-cut coats that boast paisley and red leather fabrications alongside double-layered shirting that merges dystopian graphics with classic grey tones. Illustrative floral patterns are embroidered into workwear ensembles and ski-ready bodysuits, standing next to fur outerwear and punctured knitwear matched with billowing woven bottoms. Rugged paisley designs hop from wool suiting to short-sleeve button-downs, while dated photographs are printed onto ruffled tops and floor-length dresses.

Take a closer look at Soulland’s FW23 collection in the gallery above.

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