Spy: Wedding bells — will TV stars elope?

Kiwi acting stars Emmett Skilton and Holly Shervey have postponed their Kiwi wedding plans once more due to Covid — and may just elope to Vegas next year.

The couple have been engaged for more than five years. Busy work schedules and numerous lockdowns have delayed their many planned wedding dates.

A newly buffed-up Skilton is currently in MIQ in Queensland before he starts filming the second season of US sitcom Young Rock, about the younger years of Dwayne Johnson. The 34-year-old plays Johnson’s college coach Ed Orgeron, famous for his raspy voice. The once lanky actor got in shape for Season 1 and after feedback from Coach O himself, doubled his efforts for season two.”

I’ve had great feedback from fans, particularly those based in Louisiana — the hometown of the person I am playing,” Skilton told Spy.

“The audience had great things to say about the strong vocal work that went into my work on screen, as Coach O has a heavily damaged voice from years of yelling at his players from the sideline.”

The feedback from Coach O was that Skilton needed to get into the weights room. Skilton also changed his diet — and has gained 11kg so far.

Shervey is as busy as ever with her latest season of her Instagram hit series Millennial Jenny hitting screens with the added platform of TikTok.

“On TikTok we have found insane success — several of our videos have had more than a million views and we now have more than 60,000 followers in the space of a few months. We have also found our greatest audience is based in the US, which we are stoked to hear, as we have always had global aspirations.”

In the new season of the comedy series, they have begun to introduce two Los Angeles-based actresses as Jenny’s friends and they intend to move more elements of filming when the couple return to Hollywood next year.

They have a new web series that has nearly finished filming called Perfect Partners, a light-hearted show that dives deep into anxiety and explores a variety of different people’s anxiety disorders and how they live with them. “

My character Dr Lillian Anderson (yes, inspired by Sex Education star Gillian Anderson) is a successful psychologist who believes the first way to combat anxiety, is to talk about it … and I agree with her.

“I think we’re living in a time where anxiety is HUGE, it feels like it’s everywhere, in the family home, on social media, the work place and on the news.”

As for finally walking down the aisle, the newlyweds-to-be tell Spy, they were all set to get hitched at the end of this year, but Delta has thrown them another curve ball, with Skilton in Queensland and the challenges of securing a return MIQ spot make committing to an actual date almost impossible.”

It looks like eloping to Vegas next year is our best option … “

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