Steve-O Takes Over The Berrics' Latest Installment of 'Do A Kickflip!'

To celebrate National Do a Kickflip Day, The Berrics had Steve-O of Jackass fame to take over the latest installment of Do A Kickflip!

As expected with the wild personality, the episode starts with Steve-O revealing his plans to set a new record by belly-flopping from a considerable height into 190 gallons of human urine. The figure is then seen driving around Hollywood, CA with a car full of Do A Kickflip! decks, Steve-O Pro Model Boards and T-shirts looking for skaters to take on the challenge. Aside from fails and some notable kickflips, Steve-O ended his take over by hitting a kickflip over a gap at The Berrics.

Watch The Berrics Do A Kickflip! With Steve-O above and head over to The Canteen to pre-order a Do A Kickflip! deck signed by Steve-O now.

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