Tarek El Moussa Reacts to Heather Rae Young & Brett Oppenheim's Flirty Relationship

How does Tarek El Moussa react when his fiancée‘s boss flirts with her? The Flipping 101 star seems to be cool with any situation thrown at him — no matter what the optics look like on Selling Sunset. El Moussa was asked about the chemistry seen on-screen between Heather Rae Young and real estate mogul Brett Oppenheim on the Not Skinny But Not Fat podcast.

Host Amanda Hirsch wanted to know the inside scoop on whether El Moussa got “annoyed” when he saw moments of flirtation between Oppenheim and Young. He gave a pretty reasonable answer, and one that won’t ruffle anyone’s feathers too much: “I know Brett, he’s a good dude,” he said.

OK, but what if Oppenheim did try and pull a move on Young? El Moussa joked that he’d “break” him, and Young chimed in with her own thoughts about the situation because she thinks viewers are completely misinterpreting her friendship with her boss. “A lot of people mistake it for flirting or whatever,” she said nonchalantly.


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And while, yes, some people think Oppenheim has a crush on Young, she thinks it may have been a fleeting infatuation on his part — and one that has passed. Either way, there’s no funny business going on between the two of them, and El Moussa backs that up by saying that Oppenheim and his twin brother Jason are both “good dudes.”

It sounds like the feeling is mutual because Young knows how “protective” the Oppenheim brothers — particularly Brett — have been in the past when it comes to her boyfriends. “I think in the past he never respected any of my boyfriends,” she shared. But this time around, things are different and Brett “loves and respects” El Moussa, which makes life a lot easier for her — and her working relationship with the Oppenheim brothers.

“I’ve known them for seven years of my life,” she revealed. “They’ve seen my ups, my downs… They’ve never really been happy for me until now.”

El Moussa and Young don’t want to focus on any gossipy nonsense anyway; they’re too busy planning their upcoming destination wedding in a secret location next year. It’s promising to be a family affair with El Moussa’s children — daughter Taylor, 10, and son Brayden, 5, from his first marriage to Christina Anstead — being featured prominently on the big day. Taylor is taking on the roles of head flower girl and bridesmaid for Young, while Brayden “will be standing up there with Tarek,” Heather told Life & Style.

With all of that wedding planning ahead and a blended family to focus on, there’s no time to worry about editing on a reality show. El Moussa and Young are solid — and no one is getting in the way of their relationship.

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