Taylor Swift fans can't believe price difference in early tour tickets

Taylor Swift fans couldn’t believe what they were seeing when they locked eyes with their old tickets from the singer’s early tour dates.

The hitmaker is in the middle of selling off seats for the European leg of her Eras Tour but while Swifties battled it out for a golden ticket, they couldn’t help but notice the significant hike in prices from when the star first set out on the road.

Taking to Twitter, eager wannabe concertgoers rooted out stubs from their time at Taylor’s Red Tour in 2013.

They admitted their disbelief as they compared the minimal asking figures to the current ones and shared the difference online.

A social media posted a picture of her vintage entry pass and added a note that read: ‘just found my ticket for the red tour and it’s the funniest thing i’ve ever seen??? my red tour FLOOR ticket cost less than a red taylor’s version sweater…. [sic].’

The ticketholder than uploaded a close-up picture of Taylor performing at the time to demonstrate the view she got with the low cost purchase years ago.

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