TENGA Introduces New Aero Series Offering Adjustable Stimulation

TENGA has just launched a new Aero series of self-pleasuring sleeves, introducing a new suction technology that allows you to dial its stimulation up or down.

Offering adjustable air suction and pressure, the masturbation cup allows you to adjust the level of stimulation you desire by twisting the external housing. With 10 different settings to choose from, rotating clockwise will increase the suction, while turning it in the opposite direction will lower it back.

Available in either a Silver Ring or Cobalt Ring variation, the two options provide different internal structures, and both measure roughly 8cm in diameter and 17.2cm in height. The inner sleeve can easily be removed for cleaning purposes and can be replaced after prolonged usage.

For those interested, TENGA’s new Aero series is now available over on Amazon’s Japanese site, going for ¥4,180 JPY, or roughly $40 USD.

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