The Full Daily Paper x Ajax Pre-match Collection Is Officially Available

Ajax Football Club and Amsterdam-based fashion imprint Daily Paper have just presented their latest garments and it has finally capped off what has been an incredible few months for the collaborative partnership.

When the link-up was first announced, Daily Paper designed Ajax’s third kit for the 2022/23 football season — it was a gold kit with red accents, and it’s already been tipped as one of the stand-out kits of recent times. Hot on the heels of that, the collaboration quickly brought the first pre-match jersey of the campaign that used East African beadwork as its main line of design inspiration.

Now, to mark the official release of the full Daily Paper x Ajax collaboration, the duo has connected in the city of London with several people who champion their communities across cultures. Featuring in the campaign are the likes of DJ Jyoty, Season Zine founder Felicia Pennant, the Owino Supermarket owners, and hosts of the Baller Talk podcast, James Alabi, Femi Ilesanmi, and Medy Elito.

The campaign aims to shine a light on the “melting pot” of various cultures that exist in England’s capital, along with the roles sport, fashion, and business have played in bringing a diverse range of people together within the capital — which is regarded as a very similar process to the city of Amsterdam. The imagery from the campaign was presented at Daily Paper’s launch event at their London store as part of its UNITE branch — a digital space that keeps their community and creatives connected with one another.

You can have a closer look at the campaign imagery above and the full Daily Paper x Ajax collection is available on the official Daily Paper website now.

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