This Japanese Woman Started An Instagram Account Documenting The Trash Her Husband Leaves Around The House And It's Iconic

A woman in Japan has gained more than 450,000 followers on Instagram for sharing photos of the things her husband randomly leaves around the house.” target=”_blank”>

Her account @gomi_sutero, which means “throw away your trash” in Japanese, documents the trash that she finds lying around their house with captions telling him to cut it out.

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“Stop doing things that just don’t make sense.”

“Is this supposed to be a door stopper?”

She’s found things like used tissues…

“Don’t leave tissue paper like the acorns in My Neighbor Totoro.”

A single contact lens…

“Don’t leave your contact lens everywhere.”

His clothes…

“I thought it was a dead body.”


“This is the toilet. It’s like a horror movie.”

The woman behind the account, who lives in Fukuoka Prefecture, told BuzzFeed News that she and her husband have been married for five years now and have a daughter.

“You thought you changed the toilet paper? THROW IT AWAY.”

She said she first realized her husband’s messy habits when she noticed how his socks were always rolled up and there was used tissue paper lying around.

“Unroll them RIGHT NOW. And put them in the washing machine.”

She said she initially shared the photos to her personal account, which is only followed by close friends, but started a public account when one of her friends suggested it.

“Is this the Leaning Tower of Pisa? “

The account then blew up when a Twitter user tweeted about it, and the tweet went viral.

“I thought this account was posting pretty homeware, but it’s actually sharing the mess this husband made…”

She said her husband is not aware of the account yet, and that if he ever finds out about it, “I think he will laugh a lot.”

“Why is seaweed stuck here?”

“I tell him about his messy habits everyday,” she said. “And every time I do, he makes me laugh with a silly comeback so it’s really fun.”


“Lids. Lids. Lids. Lids. Lids.”

However, she added that when she is tired, her husband will read the room and tidy up.

“Who forgets these here? Eat the rice.”

“Wrap it. It’s a mackerel can. The fridge will stink.”

“The account was never meant for people to follow, as it was just a fun thing for my friends, so I never used hashtags or anything,” she said, adding that she was confused and also amused that the account has grown so popular.

“The balance. It’s unified with the greenery.”

“A lot of people have said they really empathize with my posts,” she said.

“A photo from before. Does anybody take a bath with their glasses on and then leave it in the tub? If you know someone like that please let me know. You will be great friends with my husband.”

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