This week’s new music playlist: Sampa The Great, Denzel Curry, Coach Party

Make these songs your must-listens this weekend…

We’ve combined Leicester’s answer to 50 Cent, country dabbling and shroom-inspired songs, all of which signals one thing: it’s New Music Friday, which means time to refresh your playlist and scroll down for our curated selection.

Here’s every track you need to listen to this week…

  • 1. Sampa The Great: Lane

    Rapper and poet Sampa The Great is back with her first new music in three years, and she’s teamed up with US rapper Denzel Curry to mark the occasion. Sampa relocated home to Zambia during the pandemic and reconnected with a side of herself cultivated growing up in Africa. Lane is a call out to being authentic and defying the safety and banality of being put in a box.

  • 2. Sia x Neneh Cherry: Manchild

    Neneh Cherry has released the first track from a new all-female collaborative album that sees her ask the women closest to her to put their own spin on her songs. First up is Sia with Manchild, who explains: “When I was struggling with my mental health in my early 20s, I somehow ended up in [Neneh’s] house, being taken care of as if I was one of their own children.”

  • 3. Beabadoobee: See You Soon

    You’d think a song written directly after tripping on shrooms would be some kind of highly personal, introspective psychedelic meandering. Beabadoobee has gone the other direction and turned her trip-inspired track into a universal punch of nostalgia about being yourself and making mistakes.

  • 4. Mahalia: In The Club

    For her next single, Mahalia has ingeniously reworked 50 Cent’s seminal masterpiece In Da Club to riff on growing up in a small town in Leicester and the way people’s perceptions change when they get a whiff of your success. The singer shrugs off “beg friends” and shouts out the people that have been there regardless of her success in the melodic new track.

  • 5. Muna: Kind Of Girl

    US group Muna are back with a new self-titled album, and for the first cut they’re giving us their country moment with a song about acceptance and a music video to match. “We as queer people are particularly vulnerable when we are sharing how we identify and how we would like to be perceived,” explains singer Katie. “We wanted to play with the gendered nature of this song because we all three have different relationships to girlhood.”

  • 6. Coach Party: Shit TV

    Isle of Wight band Coach Party have dropped their new EP Nothing Is Real, and it’s five tracks of their signature experimental indie pop. Among the new songs is the deliciously bitter Shit TV, which sees singer Jess reckon with a break-up through verbal punches comparing her ex to “Shit TV, you fill my head with nothing”. 

Images: Travys Owen

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