This Workshop Lets You Create Your Own Scarf Using Marbled Paint

If you’re like me and you turn to social media for satisfying videos when you’re stressed, then you already know that marbled paint art is suuuuper mesmerizing.

The process of blending paint on water is not only entertaining to watch, but somehow so soothing.

But did you also know that you can create your own marbled works of art IRL?

Yeah, we could literally do this all day.

Meaning-Full Art in San Pedro, Los Angeles, is an art studio that teaches you how to make your own customized marbled scarf.

You choose the colors and the design, and voilà!

This ancient art form originated in Turkey and Japan and eventually made its way throughout the world, becoming a popular painting technique for everything from paper to clothing to fingernails.

Do you think people in ancient Japan could have imagined us in 2019 watching marbled art videos in bed at 3 a.m.?

The process involves adding different colored paints to the surface of water.

Go as crazy as you want — the more colors, the better!

Then, mix your colors up!

TBH, this is the most fun part. Just don’t get so hypnotized you get carried away and overmix!

Fair warning: Things might get a little messy.

May as well get a marble manicure while you’re here!

Lastly, carefully dip your scarf into your expertly crafted mosaic of colors.

Ooooooh ahhhhhhhh!

Let it dry, and you’ve got your very own marbled scarf!

Now when people ask who you’re wearing, you can say you’re wearing yourself.

Okay, now I’m going to go watch some more marble art videos…you know, for “research.”

Classes start at $45 and you can sign up here. Check out the full video:

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