Twilight fans, the Cullen family has reunited for an epic rewatch podcast

Twilight fans, prepare for a trip back to Forks: a juicy new rewatch podcast will reunite cast members to reminisce on their memories of all five movies. 

It’s hard to believe that it’s been a whole decade since we were watching the last Twilight film on the big screen. If anything though, Bella Swan and Edward Cullen’s epic supernatural love story lives on stronger than ever, and whenever we catch a rerun of New Moon, Breaking Dawn or Eclipse on TV or one of our favourite streaming platforms, we can’t help but tune in for a spot of nostalgia.

If you’re also of the opinion that Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson’s sparkly vampire saga is one of the finest things to emerge out of the entertainment world in the 00s, then you’ll be excited to know that you’ll soon to able to get an extra fix by way of The Twilight Effect, a new rewatch podcast landing next month.

Hosted by Ashley Greene, who played the mischievous Alice Cullen, and her best friend and ‘Twi-hard’ Melanie Howe, the 30-episode podcast will revisit all five films in the franchise, from the family baseball game that started off the saga to the dramatic fight for survival in the final instalment.

As well as recounting Greene’s own memories of Twilight, the podcast will feature interviews with a host of former cast members, including Kellan Lutz (who played Emmett), Nikki Reed (Rosalie), and Peter Facinelli (Carlisle) of the Cullen crew.

Twilight stars Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson.

In an Instagram post announcing the news, Greene revealed what listeners could expect from the new show.

“I’m excited to FINALLY be able to share that I’m hosting a podcast about all things #twilight called The Twilight Effect with one of my best friends and #twihard @ohmissmelanie,” she began.

“We’ll be rewatching and dissecting the films, dishing on behind-the-scenes moments with my cast mates and engaging with tons of fans… because Twilight wouldn’t be Twilight without you! Can’t wait to see you there!”

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Greene also explained the inspiration behind the podcast came about when a new generation of fans began to discover the franchise. 

“There was a big of a resurgence of Twilight because of it being on Netflix and now it’s on Peacock,” she said. “All of a sudden people were talking about this again and I started seeing that some of our OG fans were rewatching but then we had this new slew of fans that were living it for the first time. To see those two groups come together was really cool.”

Greene also explained that she had a desire to share her nostalgia with the diehard Twilight fanbase.

“I started feeling nostalgic,’” she continued. “I love our fans; I think they’re incredible. I know everyone probably argues their fans are the best but our fans are pretty top-notch, so I was like, “It would be cool to be in my state of nostalgia with other people.” 

The film adaptation of Stephenie Meyer’s book Twilight was also a vampire hit with its legions of fans.

Greene went on to share that a couple of episodes with some of her “favourite cast members” have been recorded, and that it was interesting comparing their different experiences from filming.

“It’s been really fun, you don’t know what to expect, you kind of have to go with the flow a little bit with each guest because everyone’s experience was different,” she reflected. 

“I think we’re all to the age now where we’re a bit more comfortable sharing what truly went on behind the scenes, because when we were in it, you just want something to be yours. There was so much hysteria. Now it’s really cool to see everyone go like, “Let’s go back and really dive into what that was for us and what the effect was on us.”

Fans fell hook, line and sinker for Edward Cullen… as did Bella Swan.

As well as confirming that she was still firmly Team Edward as opposed to Team Jacob, Greene also revealed that the cast participation in the podcast has been “very good thus far”, although we’ll have to wait and see if Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson make an appearance.

“I know how I feel, but you don’t know how everyone else feels and what their experience was truly and if this is something that’s nostalgic to them, if it’s something they want to move past,” she added. “I was curious to see that.

“At the end of the day, we all went through something together that a lot of people won’t understand, so there’s still that bond there, even if I haven’t seen some of them in three, four years. A lot of them have been like, ‘Yeah I’ll come back and talk about that.’”

The first two episodes of The Twilight Effect will be available to stream on Apple Podcasts from 15 March.

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