Twitter is Giving Away 140 Free NFTs

Twitter has broken into the digital asset space with a giveaway of 140 NFTs in seven different designs. For today only via the official Twitter account, the social media platform is distributing the NFTs to lucky users that reply to its announcement of the giveaway.

Today, on June 30, Twitter officially notified its 59 million followers of the giveaway with a post reading “140 free NFTs for 140 of you, besties.” The bio of the account was also changed to say “dropping NFTs all day.”

In the thread under the initial announcement, the platform shared gifs of the Twitter-themed NFTs. The “Reply Guy” is a faceless marble statue equipped with a phone showing an anonymous, followerless troll account. “First Born” features a Twitter-brand Tamagotchi toy and makes reference to the company’s CEO Jack Dorsey’s first Tweet: “just setting up my twtter.” In March, Dorsey sold the iconic 2006 tweet for over $2.9 million USD on the marketplace Valuables and donated the proceeds to charity.

Twitter posted the NFT collection on the Ethereum-based NFT marketplace Rarible, and while the listings have acquired bids, the NFTs aren’t noted as “Not for sale.”

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