UNIQLO and NISSIN Collaborate To Create HEATTECH Donbei Instant Noodles

Unexpectedly, UNIQLO and NISSIN have come together for a collaborative range of instant noodle cups.

The team-up brings together the fashion purveyor and iconic food name’s HEATTECH and Donbei lines to “warm up the winter in Japan” with two flavor variations. Each offering features elements of spicy ginger and shichimi pepper that warm the body up to create a form of internal HEATTECH.

“HEATTECH Donbei Meita-style Ankake Udon” is centered around the savory flavor of mentaiko salted pollock roe carried in an ankake thickened ginger soup stock. While “HEATTECH Donbei Pork Dashi Ankake Soba” features an ankake thickened ginger soup stock packed full of intense pork flavor.

Priced at ¥193 JPY (approximately $1.87 USD), the UNIQLO x NISSIN HEATTECH Donbei Instant Noodle Cups will be available in supermarkets, grocery stores and other retail locations in Japan January 25 with stateside imports expected to come in the near future.

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