Vincent Leroy Imagines Strange Molecular Clouds Floating Above the Solfataras of Hverir in Iceland

Vincent Leroy often journeys to the overlooked and sometimes uninhabitable corners of the world to display his ethereal artwork. Recently, the French artist installed a ghostly halo above an unassuming London alleyway and further back, he distorted the otherworldly landscape of Fjallsárlón, Iceland.

Showing a fascination with the latter, Leroy returns to the ‘Land of Ice and Fire’ in a new installation dubbed Molecule. Made of polymirror steel orbs, enigmatic molecular clouds float above the solfataras. Through slow and spectacular deformations, the artwork generates strange and organic shapes that seem to echo the geothermal activity of the site.

As the viewer gets closer to the mobiles, the more the installation and the surroundings become blurred. A fascination that was explored through Anamorphosis and further exacerbated in the latest hypnotic presentation. Operating in both a real and imagined space, Leroy’s contemplative work plays with perception and proposes a detachment from reality. Check out the full video of Molecule above.

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