Virgin Galactic to Test Fly VSS Unity This Weekend

Virgin Galactic has now announced its next test flight for its SpaceShip Two VSS Unity, which will take place this weekend.

According to the company, the test flight’s main objective this time is to test the “remedial work” done on the Unity in order to lower EMI levels experienced back on December 12, 2020, when a computer onboard stopped the rocket motor’s ignition. The spacecraft will be crewed by two pilots and carry a series of research payloads for NASA‘s Flight Opportunities program, and will also observe all of the original test objectives, which include assessing the upgraded horizontal stabilizers and flight controls during the Unity’s boost phase, evaluating conditions in the customer cabin, and testing the spaceship’s livestreaming capabilities to the ground.

“Following a detailed inspection and thorough analysis of our mothership, Eve, we have cleared our Spaceflight System for our upcoming flight,” announces Virgin Galactic’s CEO Michael Colglazier. “I want to thank our incredibly talented team of engineers, maintenance crew, quality inspectors and support staff for their diligence and hard work, which is testament to our commitment to safety and the integrity of our flight test program.”

Virgin Galactic’s test flight for VSS Unity will take place this weekend on May 22.

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