We Bet You Can't Guess 8/9 Of These Prices From Urban Outfitters

  1. How much do you think this dress costs?

    Urban Outfitters$60.00$59.00$49.00$69.00Correct! Wrong! 


    Via Urban Outfitters

  2. How about this sweatshirt?

    Urban Outfitters$65.00$59.00$45.00$70.00Correct! Wrong! 


    Via Urban Outfitters

  3. And this cool jacket?

    Urban Outfitters$89.00$170.00$120.00$160.00Correct! Wrong! 


    Via Urban Outfitters

  4. Any guesses on these funky shorts?

    Urban Outfitters$155.00$89.00$39.00$19.00Correct! Wrong! 


    Via Urban Outfitters

  5. How about these cozy sliders?

    Urban Outfitters$30.00$65.00$49.00$29.00Correct! Wrong! 


    Via Urban Outfitters

  6. Tell us how much money people drop on these glasses!

    Urban Outfitters$35.00$89.00$205.00$125.00Correct! Wrong! 


    Via Urban Outfitters

  7. And these cute pens:

    Urban Outfitters$4.00$5.00$6.00$7.00Correct! Wrong! 


    Via Urban Outfitters

  8. What about this garland?

    Urban Outfitters$15.00$25.00$14.00$10.00Correct! Wrong! 


    Via Urban Outfitters

  9. Last but not least, how much does this LED shower head cost?

    Urban Outfitters$24.99$20.00$18.95$19.95Correct! Wrong! 


    Via Urban Outfitters

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