We need to talk about And Just Like That’s most mysterious character

Written by Leah Sinclair

Shes Charlotte, Carrie and Miranda’s newest friend and was initially labelled as the new Samantha  but what do we actually know about Lisa Todd Wexley? 

Episode three of And Just Like That recently aired and we’re finally beginning to peel back the layers of our new favourite TV show and the women within it – but there is one woman who remains a complete mystery.

Lisa Todd Wexley (Nicole Ari Parker) was one of the most talked-about new characters in the show for numerous reasons. One, because the casting of Nicole Ari Parker came out at the time it was confirmed that Kim Cattrall would not be joining the SATC reboot (sob).

Two, because some of the first on-set images from the show showed Sarah Jessica Parker, Cynthia Nixon, Kristin Davis and Nicole Ari Parker looking like the fab quartet they are. Three, she was one of the first characters announced who was from a minority background, as the show pledged to right its lack of diversity wrongs.

And four because, well… we don’t know a whole lot about her.

We’re first introduced to Lisa as a friend of Charlotte in episode one of And Just Like That (where she runs into the women having lunch and precedes to ask for a few fries before leaving) and since then, her character is still somewhat of a mystery with no one – not even Parker herself – giving away much about her mystifying character.

In a bid to get to know a little more about the new star of the show, we’ve run down seven things we know about Lisa Todd Wexley so far – and what we do know at the moment is that she’s pretty damn fabulous.

Lisa Todd Wexley is the ultimate Upper East Sider

When you think of a well connected Upper East Sider, Lisa Todd Wexley personifies that. As a documentarian, philanthropist, art collector and socialite who lives on Park Avenue, she is known as an established woman all on her own with the connections and illustrious career to boot.

She’s a ‘cool mom’ that goes by ‘LTW’

While Lisa wears many hats, one of them is as a mother to three children – and she is celebrated among her peers for her coolness. Charlotte describes the socialite as “just so cool” and notes that “everyone at school calls her LTW”.

Her husband is just as established as she is – and could be mayor

Lisa is married to Herbert, who clearly has Charlotte’s full approval as she gushes that he’s “an investment banker who might run for mayor and she’s on the International Vogue’s best-dressed list”.

She met Charlotte through their children

Lisa’s son Henry and Charlotte’s daughter Lily go to the same school and both take piano lessons together. The meeting of the two was representative of real life as mentioned by Davis in an interview with Tamron Hall.

She said: “She [Parker] plays a new friend of Charlotte’s and the way we meet in the show was just very similar to life is that our kids go to the same school. 

“…You know you grow, you change, you come in contact with new people and they change your life and your point of view and you have an exchange with them.”

Charlotte and Lisa’s relationship could develop as the show goes on

In a recent interview with Pop Sugar, And Just Like That’s make-up lead Sherri Berman Laurence said that Lisa has “a lot of scenes with [Charlotte]” indicating that the two women’s relationship could grow closer as the show goes on. Anyone else excited about this potential BFF situation or is it just me?

She’s fashion-forward and loves to travel

Laurence also said that Lisa is meant to be a bit more “fashion-forward” and “trendy” in the show, adding “As the season went on with her, we evolved [her look] during different events on the show.” She also shares that Lisa is a “global citizen” and she travels a lot. I literally want to be her.

She’s the queen of accessories

If you’ve seen any pictures of Nicole Ari Parker on set, you’ll know that her jewellery game is on point. In a recent interview, Parker said her character has a “wonderful taste in the jewellery” and she is not wrong, with many AJLT fans heralding the character for her accessories.

“Living for Nicole Ari Parker as Lisa Todd Wexley in the SATC reboot – her character is completely revolutionising the way I accessorise,” tweeted one fan, while another said: “Give us a show about Lisa Todd Wexley and her fabulous necklaces!”

So there you have it – a few things about the character we don’t know much about but we all want to be. As the show develops we’re sure to learn more about her – but in the meantime, let’s just marvel at her amazing style and attempt to discover the truth behind And Just Like That’s best-kept secret.

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