We tried curry made from Cadbury Creme Eggs – and didn’t hate it

It's official, the Cadbury Creme Egg is back!

Yes, it might only be January, but the Easter chocolate is already on sale in shops so you can get your hands on all the Creme Eggs you want as of right now.

And to celebrate the return of the popular sweet, Cadbury chefs have created several quirky dishes with Creme Eggs as the main ingredient – including a curry, spaghetti and 'meatballs' and brownies.

The weird and wonderful concoctions were offered to the public on January 23 as part of a live stream event on Cadbury's new content platform EATertainment.

A number of famous faces, including Maya Jama and Ian Wright were invited to try the culinary creations – and Mirror Online also managed to get a taste.

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Upon hearing the words, Creme Egg curry, we have to admit we were rather suspicious about tucking into the dish, but it turns out we had nothing to worry about.

What appeared to be a plate full of curry and rice was actually a very sweet treat, with the rice made from desiccated coconut and the curry consisting of Creme Eggs in a jam sauce, topped with a chopped mint leaf.

Similarly the spaghetti and Creme Egg meatballs which sounded like a disastrous flavour combination, ended up being our favourite of the bunch – and not just because we had good fun grating a block of white chocolate over the top like Parmesan.

The spaghetti was actually white chocolate and the tomato sauce was made from jam.

Also on the table were Creme Egg toad in the holes, where the Yorkshire Puddings were made from doughnuts as well as a Creme Egg salad, which saw lettuce leaves replaced with yet more white chocolate – now, that's my kind of salad!

For dessert, the chefs had prepared some Creme Egg Scotch Eggs made from mini Creme Eggs encased in a white chocolate, cardamom and saffron ganache then rolled in ginger biscuit crumbs. Delicious!

The whole event was an overload of chocolate and we loved every second of it.

We'd gone in expecting to try dishes that sounded like something you'd eat in a bushtucker trial, but it was all just an illusion – and a very impressive one at that.

For more egg-citing content from Cadbury visit www.CremeEggEatertainment.com

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