Xbox 'Halo Infinite' Players Want Crossplay Fix to Avoid Hackers on PC

As reported before, cheating is quickly becoming one of Halo Infinite‘s biggest problems, and now a group of Xbox players is getting fed up with it, asking 343 Industries to fix its crossplay feature.

In the game’s current iteration, the developer has enabled crossplay permanently, and neither those on Xbox or PC can turn off the crossplay setting. For those on the console, this means they’re now forced to play with gamers running on PCs, which opens the gateway to many more hackers as we’ve seen previously, using aimbots and wallhacks to completely ruin the fun for other players in the match. While providing the option to disable crossplay won’t particularly make things better on the PC front, it will allow Xbox players to enjoy their own games with cheaters.

Unfortunately, for now, 343 Industries hasn’t indicated any intention to provide crossplay disabling, and no official statement has been given responding to these new complaints. However, Community director Brian Jarrard has reassured fans that they’re still monitoring player feedback, so changes may come soon, although the studio is no doubt busy getting the full game’s launch ready for December 8.

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