Xbox Receives Quicker Boot Up Times

Microsoft has released an update that made their Xbox consoles boot a bit faster. The changes see the boot process go from 20 seconds to 15 seconds for Xbox Series S | X.

According to The Verge, Xbox testers recently noticed a slight improvement in the bootup time, with the changes confirmed by the company last week. By creating a shorter bootup animation, Microsoft was able to speed up the boot sequence by roughly 5 seconds quicker than previously. The update benefitted both Xbox S | X consoles and the Xbox One

Xbox owners will only be able to benefit from improved bootup times if they set their console to Energy Saver mode instead of Standby mode, meaning that the console will be fully powered off, as opposed to immediately booting up the game after powering on. The Energy Saver mode saves up much more electricity, which helps the planet and the electricity bills. Microsoft is pushing this to become the go-to for users, making it the default option for newer Xbox consoles.

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