YouTube Photographer and Videographer Captures the Mesmerizing Dissolution of M&Ms

Exploring the magical world of macro photography and videography, YouTuber Another Perspective has now published a short video capturing the vibrant, almost psychedelic dissolution of your favorite chocolate candy: M&Ms.

Of course, the video and imagery captured by the YouTuber is absolutely mesmerizing, but the best thing about this project is that you can replicate it in the comfort of your own home. “Everything you need is any camera, a tripod, a small fishtank and a petri with water,” the channel writes in the video’s description. “Put M&M’s inside and take images how the candy is dissolving. Using different light source and angles will bring up creative images. Putting a petri inside the fish tank allows you to separate the M&M from the background transforming simple candy into some piece of art.”

If you’re interested in re-creating this yourself or want to find more DIY projects you can do at home, you can head over to Another Perspective’s YouTube channel.

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