10 Times Beyoncé Dazzled In Jaw-Dropping Jewels

Beyoncé became a fashion icon soon after her debut album in 2003, Dangerously In Love. Since her mainstream success led her to become a fixture on the red carpet and award shows, the singer has never disappointed fans with her fashion choices and jewels. Known for her close working relationship with jewelry Lorraine Schwartz, the pair first collaborated on Queen Bey’s debut album, wherein she wore Schwartz-designed earrings. The jewelry maker has since kept Beyoncé as her muse to create custom designs that have become iconic over time. With each award show and performance, Beyoncé continues to bring her jaw-dropping jewels to the cameras.

From her 2022 Oscars bash, wherein she wore three different sets of jewels, to her Tiffany campaign that led her to wear iconic diamonds, Beyoncé has worn custom and historic jewels throughout her career. Let’s take a look at the time Beyoncé dazzled in stunning jewelry.

10 2022 Oscars After-Party

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Beyoncé and Jay-Z hosted one of the most exclusive Oscar after-parties in 2022, and it was no surprise that the singer showed up in style. According to People, she was honored to wear The Historic 1939 World’s Fair Necklace carrying a 128.54-carat Tiffany emerald cut diamond. It remains Tiffany and Co’s most expensive jewelry and is unavailable for sale.

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9 2022 Oscars Performance

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Beyoncé opened the 2022 Academy Awards with a live performance of Be Alive of the film King Richard which was nominated for Best Original Song. She was dressed in a custom David Koma neon green outfit that signified the tennis court, and her jewelry was just as eye-popping. Queen Bey wore Lorraine Schwartz jewels which featured a 50-carat emerald-cut ring, 20-carat cushion-cut ring, 150-carat diamond bangles, and statement earrings.

8 2017 Grammy Awards

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The 2017 Grammys was a star-studded affair with many A-list celebrities winning big for their music. Beyonce, pregnant at the time, set the stage ablaze with her performance and appearance at the show. She changed into two outfits during the event, both custom creations of Peter Dundas. The singer wore a 400-carat Lorraine Schwartz necklace with round diamonds and matching rings.

7 2022 Oscars Red Carpet

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The 2022 Oscars ceremony served us many looks from Beyonce, and her leading ensemble for the event was a yellow Valentino Haute Couture. The strapless gown had an off-the-shoulder cape with gloves. She kept things simple with Lorraine Schwartz waterfall earrings weighing 150 carats, as noted by Harper’s Bazaar. She also wore a diamond pinky wing, and the jewels cost a whopping $9 million.

6 2018 Grammy Awards

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While Beyoncé wasn’t nominated for any awards at the 2018 Grammys, she caught everyone’s attention with her regal yet straightforward outfit. The singer wore an all-black gown with a matching hat. As she wanted to wear oversized jewelry for the Grammys, Schwartz designed a pair of asymmetrical and large diamond earrings encrusted with 70-carat diamonds. The entire get-up was a tribute to the Black Panther Party of the 1960s.

5 2015 Grammy Awards


Along with a head-turning arrival at the Grammys, Beyoncé gave a hauntingly beautiful gospel performance during the show. During her set, Queen Bey wore a Monique Pean necklace made from recycled jewels worth $132,680. She donned an all-emerald jewelry ensemble worth $10 million for the red carpet. It included 100-carat emerald and diamond rings and 80-carat Colombian emerald earrings.

4 2016 MTV VMAs

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Beyoncé arrived in a winged outfit for the 2016 VMAs with her daughter and didn’t disappoint with her Lorraine Schwartz jewels. Worth $13 million, she wore $1.8 million emerald and pink diamond earrings, $2.3 million diamond rings, and a 12-carat pink diamond ring worth $9 million, as stated by Elle. Her daughter was also wearing a tiara from the designer.

3 Black Is King Film


With the release of the visual album Black Is King, Beyoncé gave fans a visual treat and sent a social message. The singer had 78 different ensembles in the film, each with different jewelry. She wore jewels from designers like Mona Assemi, Lorraine Schwartz, Lorraine West, Anabela Chan, Dynasty and Soull Ogun, Beads Byaree, and many more.

2 Lose Yourself In Love Advertisement

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Due to The Carter’s partnership with Tiffany, the couple has continued to shine on social media with their advertisement campaigns. In an advert released in October 2022, Beyoncé was wearing a 10-carat Tiffany Setting engagement ring and a Tiffany HardWear necklace customized for her, which is yet to be released.

1 About Love Campaign

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After Aubrey Hepburn and Lady Gaga, Beyoncé was only the third person ever to receive the honor of wearing the coveted yellow diamond from Tiffany’s collection. As mentioned by Vogue, the diamond was worn during the About Love campaign for the brand, and the necklace is worth 100 carats. Its history dates back to 1877, when the diamond was first discovered in a South African mine.

Beyoncé has also adorned jewelry from Schwartz for her album covers and magazine shoots, preferring to wear elegant and classy designs. The singer has not only worn jewelry from famous brands but also promoted black women-led businesses, which have the potential to grow in Hollywood.

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