5 Dog Chew Toys That Actually Last Longer Than One Day — And They're All Under $12

Dog owners know two things to be true: A pup will bring immense joy into your life, and that same pup will rip through chew toys in mere minutes.

Indeed, these little fur balls will make you feel happiness deep in your soul. But, they also require plenty of love and attention. This includes buying them boxes upon boxes of toys because, as any dog owner will tell you, most will end up in the trash within hours. Dogs simply love to take a new toy, methodically rip out the squeaker, then tear it limb from limb until there are tiny pieces of the poor guy all over the house. (Please someone tell me this isn’t just my dog.) 

As a dog mom, I’ve scoured the globe for dog toys that will stand the test of time. And after five years of puppy motherhood, I’ve found a few brands that are built to last. Here are some toys both new and old dog parents alike should be investing in so their pups can keep their favorite toys pristine for more than just a few days. 

Pet Champion Rope Dog Toy Large

Dogs simply adore playing a bit of tug o’ war with their mom or dad, and Pet Champion’s Rope Toy was made just for that. The four-knot toy is twisted to ensure a tightly braided rope for maximum durability. And, the toy provides a safe and effective method of exercise for doggy teeth and gums. Best of all, these things last. One reviewer wrote, “My dog is a mighty chewer and can destroy most rope toys in short order. She destroys these too… but it takes her quite a few days to really take them apart as opposed to hours with others. We really like these rope toys.”  

Buy It! $4.82; walmart.com 

Chuckit! Flying Squirrel Spinning Dog Toy

If you’re on the hunt for a frisbee alternative, look no further than Chuckit’s Flying Squirrel toy. The Chuckit! frisbee for dogs features four “paws” for dogs to latch onto that even glow in the dark at night. The toy makes for the perfect activity for playtime-loving pets and is tough enough to last thanks to its durable canvas material. It’s even great to toss into a lake for water-loving dogs. As one reviewer shared, “My dog loves her Flying Squirrel so much, I bought another one and had it shipped to a friend’s dog in Las Vegas. Awesome dog toy. Works great on land and as a water toy.”

Buy It! $5.99 (originally $12.97); walmart.com 

KONG Extreme Dog Toy

If you’re going to buy your pet one single toy, make it the KONG Extreme Dog Toy. The ultra-durable and all-natural rubber formula is meant to help stimulate a dog’s natural instincts. It’s designed for “determined chewers” and is most certainly built to last. In addition to the material withstanding ferocious chomps, the toy’s rubber bounce will keep dogs on their toes. Have them play with the toy alone, and stuff it with their favorite treat for an added bonus. You can even place the toy in the freezer to get a longer-lasting chew. The toy also comes in several sizes for small, medium, and large dogs. Truly, this toy is dog’s best friend. As one reviewer added, “Threw some canned dog food in there, put it in the freezer, and in the morning, took it out, gave it to the pup, and left for work feeling like my dog wasn’t going to be so bored. Took him a while (I’m assuming!) to get the frozen food out. Wish I had bought this sooner!” 

Buy It! $11.99-$19.89; walmart.com 

Tuffy Red Dog Ring Toy

Want something you can toss, play tug o’ war with, and leave with your pup for hours of solo play? Get Tuffy’s Red Dog Ring Toy. The chew toy is made with several bonded layers that are truly tough for a dog’s teeth to get through. The toy is sewn together multiple times, meaning it has several seams that take quite a long time to rip apart. Each toy also comes with “squeaker safety pockets” so that piece is sewn into pouches as an added layer of safety. Another great thing about this toy is it’s machine washable. A reviewer shared, “It is sewn together really well. My little Ellie is quite a chewer and loves to tear things apart. This is a GREAT stuffed toy! Most stuffed toys last her a couple of days and that’s when all the stuffing is gone and the material is in shredded pieces. This Tuffy Dog Ring has lasted her about 3 WEEKS! I just purchased another one from my local Walmart store today.” 

Buy It! $11.97 (originally $12.97); walmart.com 

Invincibles Snake Stuffingless Durable Tough Plush Dog Squeaky Toy

For long-lasting durability and hours of fun, check out Invincibles Snake Stuffingless Plush Toy. The toy features two layers of super-tough fabric along with special squeakers that continue to make noise even after being punctured. The toy is truly engaging for pups thanks to the various shapes, sounds, and fabric textures. And, because there’s no stuffing, there’s less mess for you to clean up when your pet does ultimately destroy it. One reviewer touchingly shared, “I have a service dog that goes with me whenever I go out by myself but stays home when my husband goes with me. Whenever I get home my service dog throws ‘a party’ by bringing this toy and squeaking it profusely, letting me know how happy he is.” 

Buy It! $8.49; walmart.com

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