70-layer bean dip is the Super Bowl’s most disgusting snack food

Come and get it, you hogs.

Bush’s Beans knows who you are, and they’ve created a stomach-churning 70-layer bean dip to prove it.

In a deeply disturbing Super Bowl promotion, the producer of canned baked beans, pinto beans, red beans, kidney beans, black beans, chili-flavored beans, refried beans and, of course, country-style beans in a “thick rich sauce” wants you to know that they’ve got the most beans.

To prove it, they tapped Guinness World Records to officiate the award for “largest layered dip,” which they, of course, won with their “buzz-worthy beans.” The 70-layer dip weighed in at 1,087 pounds, roughly the weight of 4,348 sticks of butter or more than three times the weight of the world’s largest tumor.

“We know the classic seven-layer dip, made with Bush’s Beans, is a fan favorite for game day snacking celebrations,” Kate Rafferty, the consumer experience manager for Bush’s, told Fox News. “Every year at this time we see an increase in searches for recipes, so this year we wanted to put a real twist on the traditional dip and do something fun for our fans, while also showcasing the versatility of Bush’s Beans through a wide range of recipes included in the 70-layer bean dip.”

The standing record for a dip was just 540 pounds, but we’re guessing that many large dips go unreported in the Midwest each year.

It took the Bush’s Beans brigade 227 hours to construct a cylindrical feeding tube of dip. Its composition breaks down thusly (from bottom to top): veggie dip, Cuban dip, Caprese dip, loaded baked potato dip, Buffalo dip, Mediterranean dip, fiesta dip, spicy dip, BBQ dip and a classic dip.

Many of those dips sound disconcertingly anonymous, but recipes for them can be found on Bush’s website — just have your cardiologist on speed dial.

So unbutton your pants, dip a chip and sing along to “The Star-Spangled Banner.” God bless America.

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