9 best group Halloween costumes 2021: from the Addams Family to Squid Game and Ghostbusters

HALLOWEEN is made all the more fun when you dress up as a group.

Whether your squad goals include decking out all your flatmates as a spooky syndicate, or scaring the pants off (and the sweets out of) the punters while trick or treating, there is an outfit for everyone – in fact, the more the merrier.

The Addams family is perfect for a small family or group of friends, but it can also work well for larger groups because of the many characters in the gothic family; from Morticia and her husband Gomez, daughter Wednesday, to cousin Itt.

The Squid Game costumes are perfect for smaller groups of 4 to (literally) 456 people and also happen to be the most trendy Halloween costumes to wear in 2021.

Dressing everyone in the same outfit can be really effective too – just visualise our toy soldier and crayon costumes on your own crew and you'll see what we mean.

Or try dressing everyone as a slightly different version of the same theme – the zombie convict costumes we've found come in sizes suitable for the whole family.

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