A girl pal and I like each other but every time one of us is single, the other is in a relationship – The Sun

DEAR DEIDRE: FOR ages, I have liked a girl who is now available. But I just met a lovely woman who is like a female version of me.

I am a guy of 32. A girl pal and I have admitted we like each other but any time one of us is single, the other is in a relationship . . . until now.

She is 30 and recently got dumped. We’ve been chatting frequently and want to see where things go.

But I’ve now met a brilliant girl at the gym. She is 28 and we have so much in common. I am really torn.

DEIDRE SAYS:It is surely no coincidence that just when you and your friend are both free, history repeats itself.

Yet again, there is something (someone) to stop you getting together.

See this as the last-chance saloon with her. If you don’t give things a chance now, nothing will ever happen.

Maybe you are terrified of commitment, but it is now or never. Make your choice on that basis.

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