Abandoned dog was scared to death while waiting for help

A heartbreaking clip shows the moment an abandoned puppy was rescued from the cold after residents in the area heard her screaming for days. The three-part video, posted from the account @rescues.dog, captures the efforts of her rescuers as they searched for the frightened pup in the snow.

The tiny dog was eventually discovered amongst some branches in the middle of an abandoned terrain, having been left to fend for herself.

The clip, which has racked up more than 2,000 likes, was posted with the message: “Abandoned puppy was scared to death and struggling to survive until this happened.”

Its creator explained: “We got an emergency call about a small puppy alone in the cold. When we reached the sit, we searched for its tracks.

“Until finally….We found her. She was so small, she was all alone. People have heard hear screaming in the past weeks. She is probably around two months old and is outside. The weather was -17 degrees Celsius.”

At first, the shivering puppy was hesitant to trust her rescuers, but she eventually allowed them to take her to safety after they patiently waited for her to warm to them.

“She was very afraid of us [so] we took our time and stayed near her for a while,” explained the rescuer. “We’re very happy the people called us and we found her.”

The dog was brought to a car, where her samaritans immediately yanked up the heating up before feeding her snack – which she devoured in seconds.

The snow on the dog started to melt rapidly, but this didn’t prevent her from falling asleep within seconds of the engine switching on to drive her home.

Once showered, she was introduced to her new home and administered the medication she needed to make a swift recovery in the following days.

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By the end of the clip, the small dog already looked infinitely happier in her new surroundings, which she shared with another puppy of a similar age.

People were very thankful for the rescuers’ choice to lend a helping hand to the puppy, with one person writing: “Thank you for saving the poor little baby dog. People that do animals that way need the same done to them. Bless you.”

Another quipped: “God bless you that you were able to find her. Please keep posting on her recovery.”

“Can’t say enough about people who rescue animals… bless them and the animals,” wrote a third appreciative viewer.

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