Adult performer storms off set after seeing men double-down on girl

An adult performer said she once pushed her male co-workers off of her and left a porn set because of the way a girl was treated.

Adriana Chechik shared her "behind the scenes" secret when she recalled the highlights of her career working as a porn star.

She said the bad experience left her walking off in the middle of a film shooting.

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Salary or rates is considered a taboo in the porn industry as Adriana explained the agents "don't want everybody to get equal opportunity".

Explaining on her TikTok, she said she had caused waves for sharing her rates with other girls so they could have asked for a higher pay.

"One time I was watching a girl who couldnt' speak English and she didn't want to do a scene, the guys were trying to double down her," she said.

"She was like 'na, na, na'. The guys were like 'come on, don't you want to get paid? You just have to put up with it.'

"I literally went f***ing apes*** it. I pushed all the guys off of me, I stood up, I f***ing screamed at the guy, I think I threw something at him.

"I said 'you are f***ing ridiculous, I'm not going to be accomplice to this bulls***. I'm not going to sit here and watch this.

"The guys started yelling back at me and I started throwing things in the room, like breaking s*** so that they couldn't use the set, and I left."

Fans supported her and called it a "workers' right" no matter what her occupation was.

"Don't put up s*** from no one, I never did, and never will," one shared and a second said: "Way to go, so honourable!"

A third added: "Good for you girl! You're the best in the business in my opinion."


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