Aldi’s raved about £7.99 Organic Prosecco is now award-winning

Aldi has been flogging their Organic Prosecco Extra Dry for a while now.

The sparkling wine first hit the headlines last year, when satisfied shoppers took to the review section to give the Prosecco a five-star rating.

There’s also some suggestion that organic wines give you less of a hangover due to lower sulphites in the drink, but evidence does not back up this claim.

However, Aldi’s eco-friendly fizz is still a firm favourite.

The Italian Prosecco has an aroma of pear and green apple followed by acacia flowers and honeycomb.

Earlier in the year it bagged the silver and bronze medal respectively at the Decanter World Wine Awards, and now it has another string to add to its bow.

Along with Aldi’s Organic Pinot Grigio, Toro Loco Organic and Exquisite Collection Organic Malbec, the Organic Prosecco has won silver at the Drinks Business Organic Masters.

Patrick Schmitt, Editor-in-Chief at The Drinks Business, said: “Our expert judges were particularly impressed at the quality achieved among the samples from Aldi, despite the relative affordability of these wines – growing grapes to certified organic standards is not always low-cost.

“We were also pleased to see that Aldi has chosen to offer organic versions of popular wine styles, from Malbec to Pinot Grigio and Prosecco, because such an offer, coupled with the low entry-price, should encourage more drinkers to go organic.”

While, Aldi’s Drinks Expert, Sam Caporn, commented: “’Organic wine is an exciting category and these delicious award-winning wines are ideal for drinking throughout the summer.

“Pop a bottle of the organic Prosecco to enjoy the apricot and melon flavours or pair the pear-scented Pinot Grigio with salads and fish in the sunshine.

“Alternatively for fans of a red, the Toro Loco Organic and Exquisite Collection Organic Malbec are classic BBQ wines, offering plenty of soft plum flavours and spice.”

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