Alison Roman Says Going To Therapy Weekly Gives Her An Outlet

Chef and Author: Alison Roman

Cook From the Heart

The mastermind behind viral recipes #TheCookies and #TheStew wants to help you whip up something simple yet satisfying with her new cookbook, Nothing Fancy. Roman has a similar no-frills approach to staying healthy and happy.

“People should be nicer to themselves. We expect so much and think we’re supposed to do it all. It’s okay to fall apart sometimes.”

Talk it out… with a pro

“I go to therapy every Wednesday. It’s just a really wonderful outlet, to have a place to talk about life and get feedback from somebody who is not biased in any way toward me.”


Roman’s age when she started her career, working in Michelin-starred L.A. restaurant Sona. She’s currently a food columnist for The New York Times. Nothing Fancy is her second cookbook.

Sweat with intention

“When I was younger, exercise was about appearance. Now it’s for emotional and mental reasons—from endorphins to setting aside time just for me.”

This article originally appeared in the November 2019 issue of Women’s Health.

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