Amazing new Co-op deal means you can fill up your freezer for just £5

IF your cupboards are bare after Christmas, you might want to head to the Co-op where's a great deal to help you fill your freezer.

The supermarket is offering shoppers over 1.5kg of frozen food for just £5 including mains, sides and even ice lollies.

Shoppers will get two crispy chicken breasts, four chicken burgers, eight fish fingers, Alphabite potatoes, peas and Fruit Pastilles lollies all for a fiver.

The six different items in the deal would normally set you back £10.35 if bought individually.

But if you buy all six, the Co-op discounts the price to £5, meaning you save 54%.

You have to buy all the items in one transaction to take advantage of the deal and it is subject to the products being in stock.

The six items including in the offer are:

  • Birds Eye 2 Crispy Chicken in Tempura Batter 170g (usually £1.80)
  • Birds Eye 4 Chicken Burgers with Golden Wholegrain 200g (usually £1.80)
  • Birds Eye 8 100% Crispy Fish Fingers 224g (usually £1.75)
  • Birds Eye The Original Alphabites 456g (usually £1.45)
  • Birds Eye Garden Peas 375g (usually £1.45)
  • Rowntrees Fruit Pastilles Ice Lollies 4x65ml (usually £2.10)

You can see all the items in the deal on the Freezer Filler section of the Co-op website.

The Co-op deal was the cheapest we could find for these six items anywhere online. Both Asda and Morrisons had the exact same products but at Morrisons it would cost £7.73 and at Asda it's £9.20.

Tesco didn't have the chicken burgers. Without them the shop came to £8 for just five items.

Iceland had some good deals, but it only offered bigger packs of burgers, peas and Alphabites. There you'd have to spend £10.55 but you do get more food.

To take advantage of the Co-op offer, you need to head to your nearest participating store before January 26 when the deal ends.

There are over 4,000 Co-op shops in the UK, so your nearest one shouldn't be too far away.

If your not sure where your closest is, you can use the store locator tool to find out.

If you don't fancy frozen food, the Co-op also has a pizza night deal, where you can get a pizza, a side and a dessert all for a fiver.

Your pizza choices are pepperoni and Margherita, and the puddings include Gu desserts.

The sides on offer vary depending on your local shop.

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