Amazon is selling a hair towel wrap that promises to reduce breakage

Do you worry about hair breakage? Amazon is selling a hair towel wrap that promises to reduce frizz, tackle breakage AND leave your hair shinier – plus it’s now on sale for £10.99 for two

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The humble hair towel may not look like much, but according to scores of impressed Amazon shoppers, it could be the beauty hack you need to improve the condition of your hair. 

Hair towel converts have cited a long list of benefits, including their ability to speed up drying time, a reduction in frizz and breakage, and even an improvement in shine. 

Blotting wet hair rather than rubbing, the m zimoon Hair Towel Wrap absorbs excess moisture to speed up drying time and is also a lot kinder to your hair, keeping it healthy and smooth. It could be the hair accessory you didn’t know you needed – and it’s currently on sale for just £10.99 for two, saving you £9.

The £10.99 m zimoon Hair Towel Wraps are a brilliant alternative to using heat and harsh cotton towels, which can cause damage to your hair 

Did you know that your hair is at its most vulnerable when wet?

Rubbing and pulling at wet hair with a towel can roughen up cuticles, making them frizzy and weak, playing havoc with the hair’s natural texture and causing damage.

Instead of investing in expensive creams and serums, hundreds of Amazon shoppers have made the switch to the m zimoon mircrofibre towel, claiming it’s the affordable, simple-yet-effective solution you need to better hair.

Softer and far lighter than a regular bath towel, the microfibre hair towel wraps around your wet hair, keeping it out of your face and reducing the temptation to rub the water away.

Not only is it lighter for your head, it’s also softer on the hair cuticles and helps to reduce friction, thereby reducing damage, tangles and frizz.

The super absorbent towel speeds up the drying process too. Soaking up the excess water, many shoppers have found that they don’t need to use heat to dry their hair. 

In fact, in their review on Amazon one shopper penned: ‘I have waist length, thick hair and I get through hair wraps quite often due to them losing absorbency. 

The hair wrap secures in to place with a button fastening while the microfibre fabric absorbs much more water compared to a cotton towel 

‘Not any more! This is the best material I’ve ever had in a hair wrap – soft and lightweight. My hair is a lot drier after use, cutting down on drying time. My hair and I are very happy!

Another shopper agreed, also impressed by the m zimoon Hair Towel Wrap. They wrote: ‘I had heard good things about a hair wrap and OMG! I will never go back to a standard towel for my hair again.

‘These absorb sooooo much water from your hair and they are also very comfy to wear. They don’t snag on the hair, the button on the back keeps the wrap up and in a secure position. I used to hate how towels would fall down and pull on the hair more.’

A third penned: ‘They are much softer than normal towels (which I wanted in order to prevent hair breaking) and it absorbs a lot of water very quickly, which means I can dry my hair more quickly and easily. It is also easy to use, even with large head and lots of hair.’

Many shoppers have also reported an improvement in the look and feel of their hair since making the change, with one raving: ‘Since I’ve been using them I’ve seen less hair fall out and my hairs condition is a lot better than before. I would highly recommend these towels!’

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