Amber Rudd warns her daughter getting pregnant 'ruins your life'

Amber Rudd jokes that an unplanned baby ‘ruins your life’ in a hilarious response to her daughter Flora Gill’s tweet pondering how many pregnancy tests the average woman takes

  • Flora E Gill, a London-based journalist, asked Twitter about pregnancy tests 
  • Her mother, Amber Rudd, told her to be careful because pregnancy ‘ruins life’
  • The mother-daughter-duo have a long history of trolling each other online 

Amber Rudd and Flora Gill have continued their Twitter trolling with the former MP advising her daughter not to get pregnant because it would ‘ruin her life’.

Flora, a London-based journalist, asked her Twitter followers how many pregnancy tests they thought the average woman takes in a lifetime. 

The former Home Secretary swiftly responded: ‘Please be careful. Believe me nothing ruins your life more than an unplanned pregnancy.’ [sic] 

A shocked Flora, whose father is the late critic A.A Gill, joked she would take a screenshot of the tweet with her to her next therapy session.

The mother and daughter duo often troll each other via social media, with Flora writing a jovial pro-Brexit piece in The Spectator in March last year, despite Ms Rudd campaigning for Remain before the 2016 referendum. 

Flora Gill (left), a London-based journalist, asked her Twitter followers how many pregnancy tests they thought the average woman takes. Her mother Amber Rudd (centre) responded

On Monday Flora, a former Philosophy and Theology student, penned: ‘I wonder how many pregnancy tests the average woman has taken? 

‘I must have done about six. That’s not a comment on my behaviour. 

‘I once took a test coz I wouldn’t accept that both my weight gain and morning sickness was due to my diet of only burritos and vodka… I had not had sex.’

Flora admitted once taking a pregnancy test because she had gained weight and felt sick in the morning – something she now attributes to a ‘diet of only burritos and vodka’

She wrote: ‘Wow! WOW!! Screenshotting this to take to my therapist next week. I’ll send you the bill.’

Others flooded into the comments to reveal the extortionate number of pregnancy tests they took while trying to get pregnant.

One wrote: ‘I’m guessing an average of one per year of trying not to get pregnant, then two per month of trying to get pregnant (including the daily ones once pregnant to watch the line get darker), which will all add up fast…’ 

Her former Conservative MP mother swiftly responded to let her daughter know that unexpectedly becoming pregnant ‘ruins your life’

Flora (left) is the daughter of Ms Rudd, former Secretary of State for Work and Pensions, and the late Sunday Times restaurant critic A. A. Gill (pictured)

Another replied: ‘I did so many tests when trying to get pregnant. I think on some level I thought that more tests would give me a greater chance of a positive, like lottery scratchcards.’

One added: ‘I took 11 more after my first positive test, just to be sure.’ 

While some men revealed they regularly took pregnancy tests too, to check for signs of cancer. 

One wrote: ‘I am a 53-year-old man and I take one, annually. I use it as a test for testicular cancer. I urge all men to do it. 

‘It is not definite but an indicator. One should physically check yourself regularly.’ 

Twitter users flooded into the comments to reveal the extortionate number of pregnancy tests they took while trying to get pregnant

Some men revealed they regularly took pregnancy tests too, to check for signs of cancer

It comes after Ms Rudd tweeted she had been ‘trolled’ by her own daughter, after she wrote a satirical article about the ‘advantages’ of a no-deal Brexit for millennials.

Her daughter Flora’s piece listed ‘Instagrammable blue passports’, ‘the perfect protest photos’ and ‘affordable housing’ as benefits for millennials if Britain left the EU without a deal.  

The Oxford University graduate wrote what appeared to be a tongue in cheek piece for The Spectator, claiming Brexit was a useful ‘scape goat’ for millennials in awkward social situations.

Flora previously said Brexit would give millenials ‘affordable housing’ and the ‘perfect protest photos’ in an article for The Spectator

‘No longer do you need to rely on permanently delayed tubes, or numerous dying aunts – Brexit is here for you,’ it said. 

‘Parents question why you don’t have a job? – Brexit. Why were you late for the party? Brexit. Need an excuse to break up with Mr wrong? ‘I’m so sorry, it’s not you, it’s Brexit’.

The article claimed to put a ‘positive spin on a no-deal Brexit for Remain-voting millennials’.

Ms Rudd was Secretary of State for Work and Pensions between 2018 and 2019, and was Home Secretary from July 2016 to April 2018, resigning shortly after the Windrush Scandal.

Her late husband, A. A. Gill, was a restaurant critic for The Sunday Times and published author. He died in 2016, aged 62, after developing cancer.

In 1995 Flora’s parents divorced after her father began an affair with Tatler’s editor-at-large Nicola Formby. The pair stayed together afterwards and married shortly before his death.     

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